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Cambodia Destination

Day Tours on the Mekong

Phnom Penh – Silk Island Kho Dach – Preak Bang Kang - Phnom Penh

You will travel from the port in Phnom Penh for a short distance south along the Tonle Sap,- past Phnom Penh’s riverside and the Palace of the Cambodian King, and further to the point where the Tonle Sap feeds into the Mekong. Next, the trip continues to the north on the Mekong Kho Dach, the village of the silk weavers. After visiting several weaving mills, you will continue upstream to the Preak Bang Kang resort, where Cambodian families gather on weekends for picnics and swimming. Then the Mekong’s west bank is track back to Phnom Penh.
Journey Time: 6 to 7 hours

Phnom Penh – Various Mekong Islands- Phnom Penh

You will travel from the port in Phnom Penh for a short distance south along the Tonle Sap- past Phnom Penh’s riverside and the Palace of the Cambodian King, and further to the point where the Tonle Sap feed into the Mekong. The trips continues south on the Mekong, past the picturesque floating villages and several Mekong Islands, which have sand dunes when the water level is low that are similar to those on the North and Baltic Seas in Europe in the afternoon, you will return to Phnom Penh along the eastern bank of the Mekong. Upon request, a stopover can be planned in one of the river restaurants. All of the fish dishes are highly recommended.
Journey Time: 6-7hours

Day tour on the Tonle sap

Phnom Penh – Silver island Kho Dach- Udong- Phnom Penh

You travel North along the Tonle Sap past the outskirts of Phnom Penh, many floating villages and fishing stations. After about three hours, you will reach the Silver Island Kho Chen. Silver cups,boxes and jewelry are produced here, Upon request, the trip then continues to Udong, The old, former capital of Cambodia. The excursion to the royal graves on the Phnom Penh ( Mountain ) Udoung takes about two hours. Afterwards, the trip continues back to Phnom Penh.
Journey time: 6hour s without Udong, 9 Hours with Udoung excursion

Multi-Day trips on the Mekong

Phnom Penh- Kampong Cham- Kratie- Phnom Pneh

With its 60,000 residents, Kratie is a bit of a Sleepy provincial City, It is located the in the Northeastern portion of the country, about 250 Kilometers from Phnom Penh. The reason that tourists increasingly drawn to Kratie is to see the rare Irrawaddy Dolphins, Which are visible on the Mekong in the afternoon hours, An additional place of interest is the Roka Kandal Pagoda from the late 18th century, which is one of the few remaining wooden pagodas in Cambodia.

Stations along the way to Kratie:

Kho Dach – the village of the silk weavers,
Preak Bang Kang, favorite picnicking place for Cambodian families,
Preak Pour, a picturesque locality on the Mekong;
Lemeas with farmer’s market
Provincial capital Kampong Cham
Han Chhay, a pagoda on a hill with a magnificent view of the Mekong;
Stung trang with its grotto pagoda
The small city, Chhlong, with its old colonial center and typical farmer’s market

It is recommended that you bring bicycles of this Mekong tour. One experiences the rural Cambodian population firsthand along the unpaved paths lining the Mekong. You do not need return to the place you started your bike your tour- the boat will pick you up when and where u wish, Rent for bicycles is 2 Dollars perday.

Kratie is only accessible with this boat when there is high water ( August- December).
When the water levels are low, the final 5-10 ( Kilometers/ Hours) Must be covered on land by taxi, Motorcycle or bicycle.
Journey Time from Phnom Penh to Kratie and back: 5days, or 3days just to Kratie

If they wish, guest may continue their trip from Kratie on land. Only gas prices will be charged for the return of the boat to Phnom Penh.

Day Tour or Multi-day Trips from Phnom Penh to Vietnams border

From Phnom Penh, you can reach Chau Doc and the Vietnamese border in five hours without interruption by using the speed boat. But you could also take a more relaxed approach to this trip and make it a memorable experience. You can travel down the Mekong and visit typical Cambodian villages including their farmer’s markets and pagodas. You will experience daily life in Cambodia. We also recommend that you bring bicycles for this trip. The fee per bike per day is 2Dollars.
Journey time to the border: at least 1day. For the return of our boat to Phnom Penh, only the price of gas will be charge.

Continued your trip with our boat into the Mekong Delta or to Saigon is not yet possible as the permit from the Ministry of Transport is still being processed.

Multi- Day Trips on the Tonle Sap

Phnom Penh – Kampong Chnang – Chhnok True- Phnom Penh

Chhnok True is a picturesque small city with floating shops, markets and workshops. It is located on the Southern side of the Tonle Sap, Known as the “Great Sea”. It has earned its name, as it is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and has the most abundant fishing in the world. It is fed by the eponymous Tonle Sap River, which empties into the Mekong by Phnom Penh. This meeting of these rivers offers a unique phenomenon found nowhere else in the world: in June/July each year, the Tonle Sap river changes direction when the water level of the Mekong quadruples due to monsoon rains.

The trip to Chhnok true on the Tonle sap River is the most varied and diverse tour we offer. It extends past the outskirt of Phnom penh, the areas of the city outskirt

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